Finding Ways to Fight Depression

All seeds of thought produce a tree of a result. If those thoughts are rooted in aggravation, then a tree of aggravation springs forth, and the same will be true with depression. During this quarantine, I have decided to start planting veggies indoors. I’m not sure if they will produce anything, but I wanted to give it a try. I mean; I’m left to do nothing else so why not!


I had no idea about micro greens, I jus kept hearing all the hype and was like; these little things taste great! I struggled on and off with depression, I would purposely think thoughts that made me depressed, or would allow myself to dwell on those thoughts, never knowing that I was producing my own tree. Planting something kept my mind calm. In fact, I used some of my own micro greens on my own comfort food.

While thinning my seedlings, I threw a few that was cut on top of some nachos. No reason, but it did make me feel a little better knowing I produced it!

You cannot choose your circumstances, but you can choose your thoughts. I try daily to find the joy in something which has been such a struggle during these times. Norman Vincent Peale once said, “A man is not what he thinks he is, but what he thinks, he is.” Marcus Aurelius, a great philosopher who ruled over the Roman Empire, said it in 8 easy words: “Our lives are what our thoughts make it.” If you don’t like your life, examine your thoughts.

“Be careful how you think, your life is shaped by your thoughts.

Proverbs 4:23



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