Attitude Check


With free-will comes both responsibility and strength. You have the power within yourself to shape your destiny with your words. I believe that speaking life all comes down directly to your attitude. You can’t always control your circumstances or surroundings. Bad things happen to good people sometimes. You can, however, control your attitude towards these situations. Your attitude will  be either an asset, or a liability. There is no in-between.

In every aspect of life, attitude is key. The attitude that you have walking into the office today will determine your level of success tomorrow. The attitude that you hold towards school work, chores, your career, your significant other, or difficult times will play either a positive or negative role in your life.

An attitude can be wordless. You don’t need to necessarily voice your opinions or frustrations for it to be felt. An attitude can not only plague your mind, but infect the minds of those around you as well. It is felt without being spoken.

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