Walking in my peace means that I have to understand that peace is not perfection! I learned that this morning and completely understand now. I have been so focused on a peaceful living but driven to have perfection in my life that I’m forgetting to just breathe! As this year comes to an end,I’m learning to evaluate where my peace comes from. It’s not realistic to say that I can’t wait until 2018 is over and have all these expectations for 2019 when I’m dragging the same issues into the new year.

I have to be comfortable in my walk towards a peaceful living and exclude all the things that hinder me from being happy. This comes from knowing where my peace comes from. For others it may be yoga, exercise, eating right, or repairing damaged relationships. For me, I’m simply going to not expect perfection so that I can remain peaceful. It’s trying to be perfect that robs me of my joy and peace and I just don’t want those expectations in my life anymore! Happy New Year y’all!

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