Giving up Control

Too often we let our circumstances determine our attitude. When life is going as desired, we feel great about ourselves. When life gets hard, our mood struggles. I’m learning that acceptance means taking things as they are and patiently enduring through the current circumstances. I’m learning this daily as we struggle in our decision to give up a dream of owning a Cafe.

The starting process was easy,not a hiccup in the road! As time went by towards the end of remodeling; a flood happened in the basement causing damage to the heating system. Of course insurance paid what they thought was reasonable. I felt we tried to control most of the situation without allowing ourselves to hear from God.

When the shock, anger, fear and hopelessness have worn off and surrender has finally happened, acceptance is the logical and only next step on the road to restoration. Acceptance requires developing an “I can do all things through Christ” attitude and rely on God’s power to strengthen us when weak, so we can slog through and adjust to changing conditions. This is easier said then done to be honest,but I’m preaching to myself as well!

If we believe he is working out his perfect plan for us, then through acceptance we will experience the joy that comes through obedience. (again;preaching to myself as well🙂 I’m learning that our plans in life is not always our own. What’s to come next? I have the faintest idea, but in my solitude of waiting, I know to be patient this time.

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