Bringing Hope

     We appear to be suffering a great crisis of hope. It’s taking place loudly in politics and economies; it’s taking place quietly in the hearts of millions at this moment. So much has happened in a little over a year. I’m excited that I’m running for City Council! When moving to a small town where it seems that time is still for a moment so that you can see the hearts of people; does something to you personally. It makes you want to reach out.

     In Texas, it was hard to see anyone with so much hatred around me. Here in Berlin,NH I can see so many things and it compels me to want to help bring hope to hurting people. I want to be accepted in with open arms to help bring that hope. I’ve witnessed enough smiles in your faces and non authentic friendships to understand that real compassion comes from the heart. You can’t make people understand your love for strangers in a small town, you just have to show them which I intend t do if elected!

This is the New Leadership of Berlin, NH! I’m hoping our team make it so that we can bring Hope and change that matters to all and not just a few! 

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  1. gocompel says:

    good word, all of us need to aim and being “Hope bringers”. 🙂


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