A Peaceful Start

The more I get connected with the people I meet,the more I’m loving this new state we are in. We have gone hiking up 2,000 feet into the mountains where the weather changes constantly. This is not a bad thing! It’s the most beautiful thing a person can witness with an undoubtable mind of how God truly exists!

During the hike, my oldest daughter was the best coach ever! I am not in the best of shape and sometimes I forget how bad a shape I’m in after I’ve already signed us up for something extreme.I couldn’t have done it without her coaching me and telling me that “you can make it,we are almost there,so you can do it”!

Her spirit reminds me daily of why I do what I do! I try to be the best mom I can be, there is no manual for parenting! I love our new life here and wouldn’t change it for the world. New Hampshire has a sweet spot in my heart as we are growing stronger together as a family! 

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