Porcfest xlll

For five years I’ve been trying to get to this event! I’m so glad we are finally here living in NH and only 32 min. away from the biggest Liberty gathering in NH. I’m intrigued over the few families that I’ve met that want the same thing that I want for my kids. I may not believe everything they believe, but here it’s ok. I’m not scrutinized or judged because of it.

My girls get to open doors to different cultures and beliefs. My 14 year old met a friend and asked her about her religion. The girl stated that she was an atheist. My daughter told her she was a Christian and asked her if she wanted to go swim☺️

That was the end of that conversation and they spent the day together in harmony without trying to convert one another. If kids can do this, why can’t we as adults? I’m learning so much from just watching my kids. They make me want to be a better me! This is just day one of Porcfest. We have five more days to go!

This is my 14 year old free dancing in the field making all kinds of new friends.I love her free spirit and carefree soul that excepts others different than her. She understands that we must love people because God loves us all. The world would be a much better place if everyone would just except this kind of love!


Making Pizza

Lolo’s First Pizza  How fun is it to just spontaneously do something unplanned! As a parent, I constantly have to remind myself to just let it be. My youngest asked if we can buy pizza today, I tell her no, but we can make one! Relatively cheaper than buying, I’m defiantly glad I went wit this option. This was actually our first attempt only because we are always in a rush.

Living here in the granite state, it’s only one pace, slow and steady. I love that we can slow down and enjoy an unplanned dinner! Way to go Lolo for a tasty pizza on the first try!

A Peaceful Start

The more I get connected with the people I meet,the more I’m loving this new state we are in. We have gone hiking up 2,000 feet into the mountains where the weather changes constantly. This is not a bad thing! It’s the most beautiful thing a person can witness with an undoubtable mind of how God truly exists!

During the hike, my oldest daughter was the best coach ever! I am not in the best of shape and sometimes I forget how bad a shape I’m in after I’ve already signed us up for something extreme.I couldn’t have done it without her coaching me and telling me that “you can make it,we are almost there,so you can do it”!

Her spirit reminds me daily of why I do what I do! I try to be the best mom I can be, there is no manual for parenting! I love our new life here and wouldn’t change it for the world. New Hampshire has a sweet spot in my heart as we are growing stronger together as a family!