Day 30

Well, we made it to a month living in Berlin, New Hampshire! I love that my kids get to experience other religions and different culture! We found a church which is ok but need help on a number of things;which I am so glad to help collaborate on.

We were invited today to a Holy Communion party for a six year old. Meeting people that is so different from us but think the same when it comes to raising kids is such a relief. It’s funny how we think or we are programmed to think people of different religions won’t be able to get along, “Why is this so?”

We believe and have faith in the same God and Jesus sat with any and everybody! I think when we as a whole look at everyone the way Jesus did and the way God do, it’s then when we will have peace in our surroundings. We will then have peace within our communities because we will only see the individual as just a good person.