A Cool Dry Place


I had to have watched this movie multiple times and never really understood the title “A Cool Dry Place“until recently.You go to a place,not knowing your place,but hoping you would fit in. Hoping that the keys would fit into the door you feel you closed,not knowing if God intended for you to even close that door. I think faith allows us to see things shown while feeling a discernment of unquestionably doubt. 

We don’t always know our plan, but trying to keep the faith in the process of not knowing is what makes us stronger. This place in Berlin,NH has been an humbling experience, especially coming from somewhere like Katy,Texas where my surroundings was that of an uppity aristocrat. The simple subtle life that we have moved to is definitely a culture shock to my kids, but a need that is here is far more greater than the need to have what we were use to.

I love this new little simple town and slow paced life! I get to slow down and see what’s in front of me! I get to take the time to unlock more doors and find more ways to bless others! 

My 10 year old said that she felt free as I was taking this picture of her by the creek! I told her this is a cool dry place and she said “its lakes everywhere so it’s not dry, it’s wet!” She will get it one day I said to myself.


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