Day 2

Well; day two was interesting and hope that I am still married by day 4! I don’t know why men think women are incapable of driving correctly, or towing anything­čśĽ!  

 I’m fully capable of doing this!!!!

The scenic beauty of South Carolina to Maryland is breathtaking! Thank God for friends in Maryland who hosted and made sure we took showers,slept,and ate a hot meal!  My cheap husband thought it would be fine to sleep at a rest stop, which I doubted at first but turned out to not be half bad! My girls loved the farm at our friends home in Maryland and so glad they still have happy spirits on this move we have forced them into!



Day 1

Well it has been more of a journey getting ready to leave than the move itself so far! Challenging moments; especially with my husband and I. I think if we can stick this out, then we can do anything together! This has by far been the toughest thing ever! Moving from Texas to Berlin, New Hampshire will definitely put us on the map of craziest things the Strahan’s will do list. 

My lil one so far has thrown up everything she had for breakfast(so unexpected). I guess a hunny and hot cocoa from Bucees is too much for her tummy! Bella(our Maltese) is doing excellent and driving through the swamps of Louisianna now and haven’t heard a peep from this dog! I hope we didn’t leave her anywhere,lol! 

This is our day one so far!