Still Seeking

In my heart; I felt compelled to let go of temporary things in my life. Things that I stressed about that really don’t matter. In doing this, I’ve watched God bring me peace about the decisions that I am making. I have solitude over years of collaborating whether to make a huge decision of relocating or not There’s nothing wrong with desiring what you think is best for your life, it’s when our minds become filled and occupied with that desired and we forget to seek God in the midst of our planning.

Our desires consume us and we get complacent and just start breathing on our own. Don’t let the things of this world become an idol to you to where you forget to seek him in your planning, as I am learning this daily. Trust Gods timing and his understanding that there’s a season under the sun and the moon for everything. Don’t rush ahead of Gods plan because you feel like He is taking too long.

Our mind must be on eternal things and not this earth. I’m finally realizing this as I’m about to take the longest journey of my life and putting my full trust in him. We never know what his plan is, but as I travel in a new direction I can only pray that God is by my side. I’m breathing again, but taking deep breaths now while holding God close to my heart.

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